Exim mail queue commands

Helpful Exim Commands: /usr/sbin/exim   -M   email-id        => Force delivery of one message /usr/sbin/exim -qf                  => Force another queue run /usr/sbin/exim -qff                 => Force another queue run and attempt to flush the frozen message /usr/sbin/exim  -Mvl   messageID  => View the log for the message /usr/sbin/exim  -Mvb  messageID  => View the body of the message /usr/sbin/exim  -Mvh  […]

Exim: update the recipient of a e-mail message in the query

1. check the exim mail query by specific the sender or recipient Sender: exiqgrep -f   sender@domain.com Recipient: exiqgrep -r    recipient@domain.com   2. Get the message_id from above and add a new recipient to the message exim -Mar message_id email@domain.dom 3. Exim doesn’t support delete a recipient, however, we can mark the wrong recipient as […]